Community Involvement

How religious practice and family structure have influence on civic participation, volunteerism, and philanthropy.

Community Involvement Charts

  • Voting in presidential election, by gender and race About two in three U.S. citizens voted in the 2008 presidential election In 2008 and 2010, women were more likely to vote than men. Voting rates were similar among whites and African Americans, while Hispanics were less likely to vote.
  • Religious attendance and volunteerism Religious individuals are more likely to volunteer Volunteerism among individuals who attend religious services each week tends to be greater than the national average and among those who attend less frequently.
  • Religious attendance and chartiable giving Religious individuals tend to give more to charitable causes Compared to individuals who infrequently attend religious services, those who attend weekly are more likely to give and give more to religious charitable causes. They are also more likely to give to non-religious causes than those who rarely attend religious services.
  • Percent of adult volunteers More than one in four U.S. adults volunteers Individuals who have graduated from college are the most likely to volunteer, while high school dropouts are the least likely to do so.